Thursday, May 31, 2007

Healthline Radio Show + Amish Food Drop

Hello, friends and clients!

Here are a few new exciting upcoming events:

1. Healthline Radio Show

Tune in to Healthline Radio Show with Dr. Bob Marshall of Premier Research Labs, on WAVA, 780 am, Monday through Friday 2:30-3 or Saturday 12-1 pm EST to hear cutting-edge research on health topics. You will also be able to call in and have your health questions answered on the air. 888 588 7576

I am a certified QRA practitioner, the highly effective body and gland evaluation system that Dr. Marshall advocates.

2. Zook's Organic Farm Amish food drop
Contact Hillary Little at 443 912 4688 if you are interested in purchasing grass-fed organic veal, beef, chicken, dairy, organic produce in season and other homemade products.

Zook's farm is recommended by the Westin Price Foundation.